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Bolt-on legal support designed to help you scale.
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Law doesn’t have to be synonymous with
difficulty and dread

And yet, for many fast-growth businesses, that's the reality.

The prospect of tackling legal issues can inspire dread. With legal jargon, expense and complexity waiting on the horizon, it's difficult knowing where to turn.

Fortunately for you, our flamingo subscription provides a bolt-on legal team; without the jargon, without the fuss, and without the unexpected fees.

We take care of the day-to-day, so you can take care of the future

While our focus is on providing the fast, focused, commercial advice needed of a scale-up, you can access a whole range of legal support, including…

Dealing with the downturn

Six free masterclasses are now live.

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Are you preparing your business for the downturn?

Six free masterclasses are now live.


Advice on routine employment and HR matters, including help with templates and policies to streamline your HR function


From drafting and negotiating customer and supplier contracts, to updating website terms of use, we support across all kinds of commercial agreements

Intellectual property

We make your intellectual property count, with licensing and assignment agreements, as well as franchising arrangements.


We support you with your day-to-day corporate needs, including board minutes, shareholders’ resolutions, and companies house filings.

Data protection

As data protection experts we help protect your business, supporting you with GDPR compliance, cross-border data transfers, data privacy notices, and the dreaded data breach.

Beyond legal

Our team has an unusually high number of entrepreneurs, having created ten companies between us. That’s why we're experts in offering commercial advice that takes your business to the next level.

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The problem with legal work is that it’s expensive and unpredictable.
We get it.

Our monthly, quarterly and annual options allow you to plan ahead, meaning responsive and effective legal advice is one thing you won’t need to worry about (prices exc. VAT).

Monthly plan
Subject to minimum one block (five hours) per month
Price per block:

£1,300 (£260/hour)



Prices exclusive of VAT
Quarterly plan
Subject to minimum one block (ten hours) per month
Price per block:

£2,300 (£230/hour)



Prices exclusive of VAT
Annual plan
Subject to minimum three blocks (thirty hours) per quarter
Price per block:

£2,000 (£200/hour)



Prices exclusive of VAT

Commercial, low fuss and highly responsive

The team have come on board to support MyTutor, a fast growing EdTech business which previously had no in-house legal resource. The team have made a hugely positive difference in a short space of time and we feel incredibly supported by the Stephenson Law team, who offer a commercial, low fuss and highly responsive service

Manisha Chana
CFO, MyTutor

What you can expect from working with us

Same-day response and clear timelines for returning work

We’ll always respond to enquiries from Subscription clients (received during normal business hours) on the same day, to let you know we’ve got your message, and confirm a clear timeline for when you can expect a full response to your request.

Quarterly check-ins

Towards the end of each quarter, we’ll sit down and discuss your usage over the quarter, whether there’s anything we can do to make our services more effective for you, and assess your legal needs for the next quarter.

A designated subscription team lead

A familiar, friendly single point of contact for all your subscription and other enquiries.

Regular updates on your subscription usage

We’ll keep you up to date at least weekly on how much of your pre-purchased block time has been used, so you can manage your resourcing effectively across each quarter.

We’ve created the flamingo subscription to provide scaleups with a legal resource which is reliable, responsive and commercially-focused. I love working with our clients, getting to to know them and their teams, and helping drive their businesses efficiently and effectively through the scaleup stage to whatever comes next.

Ben King
Head of Scaleups, Stephenson Law

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