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It can feel like David against Goliath if you need to challenge or negotiate with your employer. Fortunately, our employment specialists are here to fight your corner.

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Whether you are making your very first hire, have run into a sticky situation with your staff or are looking to level-up how you currently engage with your workforce – we’re here to help!

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Our fees vary depending upon the complexity and duration of your matter and how much assistance you require. Before onboarding you as a client, we’ll have an initial (free) consultation with you to discuss your circumstances and check we’re able to act in your best interests. After this point, we will be able to consider our likely costs and provide you with an estimate or suggest a fixed fee where appropriate.  

The SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) Transparency Rules require us to provide information about our prices for bringing or defending claims on your behalf for unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal in the Employment Tribunal (ET), which we have set out below.

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Our flamingo subscription includes employment support

Did you know that you can receive employment advice as part of our flamingo subscription? That means we’re on hand to answer any day-to-day questions on updating template contracts, your obligations to your staff and the best strategy when it looks like there could be a fallout on the horizon.

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