Creating commercial agreements between your business and the outside world

From idea to exit, robust commercial contracts ensure the success of your business.
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Terms and Conditions

Correctly drafted terms and conditions save a business time and money. They can outline how and when a payment is to be made, how a product or service should be delivered, what happens if a payment isn’t received and how a business can limit its liability under a particular contract.

Negotiate Commercial Contracts

To-ing and fro-ing, discussions, speculations and uncertainty… commercial contracts can quickly become a headache for businesses looking to reach an agreement.

Draft Commercial Contracts

When it comes to drafting commercial contracts, it’s important that they’re legally robust, compliant and reflect the kind of relationship you want to build with your customers, suppliers and partners.

Website Terms of Service

In the digital age, websites act as a powerful shopfront, and, for some, it’s a direct portal to sell goods and services. However, if your site is used to sell goods or services, you’ll need a legal document that regulates the relationship, limits liability, and provides legal protection.

Introducer Agreement

An introducer agreement (sometimes known as a referral agreement) defines the relationship between a referee and a business. Securing customers can be a challenging task, which is why having someone to introduce prospects to the business can be invaluable.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Confidentiality is key. Whether you’re sparking up a new relationship or divulging details with an existing partner, an NDA can be an invaluable tool to keep your trade secrets, secret.

Website Terms of Use

As your digital shopfront, your website is where clients, new hires, and prospective partners will land. It speaks for your business and offers a window into the very thing that makes your company unique.

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It can feel like David against Goliath if you need to challenge or negotiate with your employer. Fortunately, our employment specialists are here to fight your corner.

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A pragmatic approach to commercial matters

We’re a new breed of commercial lawyer. Instead of blockers, we provide solutions, fuelled by an intimate understanding of the law that empowers, protects, and propels growing businesses.

Join the countless companies tackling their goals creatively, powered by commercial law experts. .

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Stephenson Law’s ability to support our various contracts, as we have expanded both into other sectors and in size and scale, has been invaluable. Great work!

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