Drafting commercial contracts

Create commercial blueprints designed to last.

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Contracts are necessary for every business: from SMEs to large multinationals. So when it comes to drafting them, it’s important that they’re legally robust, compliant and reflect the kind of relationship you want to build with your customers, suppliers and partners.

Just some of the areas we specialise in are:

• Technology supply and procurement
• Consumer contracts
• Core business & supply chain management
• Developing goods & services
• Exploiting brands (Including sponsorship and marketing arrangements)
• Reseller and distribution arrangements
• Routes to market
• Sourcing arrangements

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Commercially focused lawyers 

Our team of lawyers have extensive experience working with forward-thinking technology businesses. We’re all about getting under the skin of your business and giving you practical and commercially-focused advice that allows your business to control and manage its risk, whilst making sure that your interests are always protected.

We break down the legal jargon, explain everything in clear, concise language and provide you with the practical advice you need.

Stephenson Law has been a great partner as our external counsel.  Alison and her team have provided excellent advice and support over the years on both contracting and data protection issues, we really see them as an extension of our team at ActiveViam.  I would highly recommend them to anyone working with technology contracting and IP protection matters.

Allen Whipple, Managing Director

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