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When you’re moving as fast as the technology industry, you need support from the legal experts in what you do.
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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions form the basis of your contracts - we help you get them right.

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Negotiating commercial contracts

We stand by your side until an agreement is reached.

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Drafting your next commercial contract

Ensuring your commercial contracts work for you is a key part of business success.

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From the metaverse to NFTs and cyrpto, our world-renowned blockchain department works with companies reshaping their world.

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Financial regulation

Whether you’re looking for FCA authorisation or product structuring advice, we’re here to help.

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Lawyers for the digital boundary-pushers

We’re a new breed of lawyer. We’ve parked the fax machine, and unlike others, we understand the cloud is more than a weather phenomenon. We sit on the cutting edge of the technology sector and are the chosen legal partner for tomorrow’s technology innovators.

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Valtech have used the services of Alison and her team for many years now to support our wide and varied client base, working across government, retail, travel & transport and many other sectors. Stephenson Law’s ability to support our various contracts, as we have expanded both into other sectors and in size and scale, has been invaluable.Great work!

Ross Nichol, UK Sales Director

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FinTech lawyers for financial technology disruptors

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Part of working towards the future is making it better.

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Helping empower the future of education

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