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Collecting personal data? We help you build a water-tight privacy notice.

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Transparency and informing people about how their data is being used is required under the UK GDPR. A privacy notice (or fair processing notice) will let your customers know who the data controller is in your business, how long data is kept, along with why and how you collect personal data.

There are lots of questions you might be asking yourself, which is why we’re on hand to help you create a perfect privacy notice that protects your business from risky fines and headaches.

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You'll be hard-pressed to find a team more passionate about data than our data protection team. Between them, they share over two decades of experience when it comes to data protection, working with technology companies who collect and store personal data.

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Great working with Stephenson Law on our Data Protection work. They were quick and understood our needs and responded swiftly with quote and timeframe to deliver. In addition the team were able to have a follow-up call to clarify points and provide a better understanding to ourselves. They were able to amend and make changes following this second call which was very helpful. Very much looking forward to working with them again.
Great work!

Olly Dix

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