Legal support to help scaleups soar


Full-service legal
expertise for UK businesses

Manage the legal to-do list, budget better and scale, with cost-effective lawyers who care about your business as much as you do.

Legal expertise for UK scaleups in one handy subscription

Manage the legal to-do list

We fly in when scaleups need us the most

Budget your legal spend

Monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions

Expert lawyers on your team

Lawyers on top of their game who know your business

Fill in the knowledge gap

Gain the full expertise of a law firm in your scaleup

Are you preparing your business for the downturn?

Six free masterclasses are now live.

Choosing the right legal partner

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You need expert lawyers:

Our lawyers are a rare breed. They’re down-to-earth, they’re friendly, and they hail from top law firms and businesses. Some have founded their own businesses and all are highly respected in their industry.


Clear, concise and jargon-free:

We’ve cut the legalese, put an end to pages and pages of meaningless documents and stick to the point. We make sure that we never create a bottleneck for your business or sit on the fence.


Legals should be simple:

Packaged legal subscriptions, straightforward pricing and crystal clear communication: we believe that the legal side of any scaleup should be simple and stress-free.


A relationship for the long term:

No need for multiple providers: we have a full breadth of legal expertise, from data protection to raising investment. This means that we can act as the home of all your all your day-to-day business needs.



"Great company, with amazing people, setting a new standard for law firms should be, human. SL are not overly formal, just really good people, doing incredible work! We consider ourselves lucky to be your client!"

Nick Stewart, CEO & founder

Grace and Green

"Stephenson Law is a wonderful, professional and caring law firm. The communication and attention to detail we received in dealing with our case was brilliant. I will definitely be using them again for future needs."

Frances Lucraft, CEO & founder


"As a CEO in the high growth tech startup sector, my experience of legal work had been one of stress, complication, and unnecessary expense until I met the flock."

Albert Aziz-Clauson, CEO


"Their knowledge, speed and professionalism mean that we are reassured that our portfolio is in safe hands. It is also hugely cost efficient for us as a business to work under a subscription with fixed-fees and transparent bolt-ons. We could not recommend working with them enough”

Felix Dodd, Legal Counsel

We empower disruptors

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There’s a reason we trade marked #HumanLawyers. We believe that the future of revolutionary legal services rests with its people. That’s why you’re more likely to see our lawyers in a hoodie, than a three-piece suit. We park the ego, prioritise the work, and break the barriers between law and the people it serves.

Flockstar of the month

Joy Buchanan

"I'd like to say thank you to loads of caffeine and regular laughs from the SubClub team!"

From the flock:

"Joy is absolutely delightful, always willing to get involved in everything that is on offer, works damn hard and always has a smile on her face! We love Joy and her understated excellence!"

We've traded legal blockers
for legal solutions