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We keep you on the right path, by helping you manage your data processor arrangements (whether you’re the controller or the processor).
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If you’re processing data on behalf of someone else (or if you have others processing data on your behalf), you will need a DPA. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are all standard – it’s important to know where your obligations lie. Fortunately, our data protection team are here to help you.

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Our data protection team have collected over two decades of experience researching every answer to every data protection question.

That’s why when it comes to data protection, we’re the legal go-to for best practice data management.

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Great working with Stephenson Law on our Data Protection work. They were quick and understood our needs and responded swiftly with quote and timeframe to deliver. In addition the team were able to have a follow-up call to clarify points and provide a better understanding to ourselves. They were able to amend and make changes following this second call which was very helpful. Very much looking forward to working with them again.
Great work!

Olly Dix

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