You have the challenging task of supporting the workforce of the business. Without you, the business sinks.
With you, productivity and happiness goes up.

It’s essential that you have a legal partner that you can trust. Someone you can collaborate with to ensure that the business grows risk-free, with the guarantee that any issue is handled in a sensitive and efficient manner.

Just some of the ways we help HR professionals


Our Happy Customers

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Remain compliant with employment regulations

Human resources has to keep up with legal updates, whilst maintaining ethical hiring practices. With constant changes to regulations, it helps to have a legal partner by your side to help your business develop.

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The onboarding journey

From employment contracts to staff handbooks, there’s a lot to think about when bringing on junior and senior members of staff.

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Your checklist for new hires
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Internal conflict resolution

We help make sure that conflicts don’t escalate so your company's reputation isn’t damaged and your day-to-day disrupted.

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Tackling sexual harassment in work
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Restructuring and reorganisation projects

From TUPE, to mass redundancies, restructuring can be a disruptive process; but this doesn’t mean that projects can’t be run smoothly and efficiently.

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How to tackle TUPE
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Business immigration

For businesses looking to hire from overseas, different laws and visas can apply. We’ve helped countless UK businesses hire employees across the globe.

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Working visas to be aware of
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It's important that you have followed a fair procedure in making your staff redundant to avoid a claim for unfair dismissal. We help you get it right.

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Tops tips for employers in a recession

We’re here whenever you need us

We understand how valuable it is to have a responsive and reliable legal team on your side. Our Flamingo Subscription is ideal for scaling teams who need support from expert lawyers.

Client spotlight:

We worked with the team at Stephenson Law on various employment matters including drafting our first employment contract template and offer letter, privacy notice for our employees and contractors and a staff handbook. We are so impressed with how personable and professional the team are, and we don’t hesitate in recommending them to our own clients.

Ishali Patel
Founder & Director
Arcos Tax Advisory Services

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