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To-ing and fro-ing, discussions, speculations and uncertainty… commercial contracts can quickly become a headache for businesses looking to reach an agreement. Our clients rely on our legal expertise, robust negotiation skills and no-nonsense approach to protect their best interests when it comes to contract negotiation.

We don’t sit on the fence and just tell you "there are risks”… we’ll help you decide which risks are worth taking and which just aren’t worth it.

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Technology focused lawyers 

Our team of lawyers have extensive experience working with forward-thinking technology businesses, meaning we have a deep understanding of the kinds of issues that can arise in contract negotiation.

We break down the legal jargon, explain everything in clear, concise language and provide you with the practical advice you need.

Valtech have used the services of Alison and her team for many years now to support our wide and varied client base, working across government, retail, travel & transport and many other sectors. Stephenson Law’s ability to support our various contracts, as we have expanded both into other sectors and in size and scale, has been invaluable.

Ross Nichol, UK Sales Director

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