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The GDPR is the bible of the data protection world, and acts as a guide for the collection, use, and protection of data. As a result, it’s pretty important.

And yet, the GPDR is a whopping 261 pages, (and that doesn’t even mention the associated regulatory guidance and local laws!) leaving many businesses bewildered as to what they can, and can’t do, with their data. Luckily for you, we live and breathe GPDR guidance, and have the expertise to help you use data safely.

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Our data protection team shares over two decades of legal experience making them the ultimate go-to team when tackling the GDPR. In need of expertise? We’ve got the insider knowledge to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Stephenson Law has been a great partner as our external counsel.  Alison and her team have provided excellent advice and support over the years on both contracting and data protection issues, we really see them as an extension of our team at ActiveViam.  I would highly recommend them to anyone working with technology contracting and IP protection matters.

Allen Whipple, Managing Director

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