Terms and conditions 

Terms and conditions form the basis of your contracts, and we help you get them right.
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How we help

Correctly drafted T&Cs save a business time and money. They can outline how and when a payment is to be made, how a product or service should be delivered, what happens if a payment isn’t received and how a business can limit its liability under a particular contract.

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Technology focused lawyers 

Our team of technology lawyers have extensive experience working with forward-thinking technology businesses, meaning that we can hit the ground running with the documents you need in place.

We break down the legal jargon, explain everything in clear, concise language and provide you with the practical advice you need.

Valtech have used the services of Alison and her team for many years now to support our wide and varied client base, working across government, retail, travel & transport and many other sectors. Stephenson Law’s ability to support our various contracts, as we have expanded both into other sectors and in size and scale, has been invaluable.

Ross Nichol, UK Sales Director