There are countless pressures to manage when you’re an in-house lawyer in a growing business. One minute, you’re discussing strategy with the board, the next, you're supporting the sales team with customer negotiations or reviewing a supplier contracts. The to-do list can often seem endless; speed is of the essence, awareness of risk is essential and adaptability is a must.

You might be looking for an extra pair of hands you can trust to deal with things quickly and effectively. And yet, you can't justify another hire. Maybe you need to fill an expertise gap over the longer term, or perhaps you have an upcoming project that requires a short-term boost to your team’s legal resources. So whats the solution?

Whatever your needs, our experienced lawyers share the load and ensure you can manage the many demands you face day-to-day.

Skills gap

However experienced you or your team are, the ever-increasing demands of a growing business and the constant evolution of the legal landscape mean that at some point, you’ll need to call on specialist help. From handling tricky HR issues, to making sure your processing of personal data is fully compliant, filling those skills gaps with pragmatic, responsive advice is essential in a fast-growth company.


Whether you’re a sole legal counsel, or leading an in-house team, there will always be times when there just isn’t enough capacity to get everything done. Agreeing fees and briefing external counsel on how your business works every time you need support makes arranging external support more trouble than its worth.

Ongoing support for in-house legal teams with our
Flamingo Subscription

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Immediate flexible, pragmatic support:

Recruitment consultants are expensive, recruitment can take months, and that to-do list needs to get sorted now.

Parental leave:

Need competent, capable support for a defined period? Our team can fly in and fill gaps when required, as well as giving you access to our broader range of legal expertise.

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Hassle-free philosophy:

Sourcing and obtaining external counsel support doesn’t need to be difficult: with regular communication, transparent invoices and clear response time commitments, we’re determined to make accessing our services as pain-free as possible.

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A team you know and trust:

You need expert lawyers across multiple specialisms who understand your business and who align with your culture.

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Value for money:

Managing your budget has just become easier with a cost-efficient team by your side.

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