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Consumer Law Rules for Refunds and Returns: Infographic

We tackle the rights and rules associated with consumer law. From your obligations as a provider, to customer rights, let's dive into consumer law rules.

What is a Franchise Agreement? A Legal Guide

Considering turning your business into a franchise? Congrats! But first, you'll need to understand the ins and outs of a franchise agreement. Let's dive in...

Website Terms of Service Explained: A How to Guide

Selling services? You'll need Website Terms of Service. Dive into our guide on what they achieve, what to include, and why you need them.

Outsourcing Pros and Cons: How to Save Time and Money

You have enough on your plate. We tackle outsourcing pros and cons, and outline the nitty gritty of saving much needed time and money.

What do we Mean When we say Horizon Scanning?

We tackle the pros, the cons, and the challenges of horizon scanning; and outline how teams can use horizon scanning to their advantage.

5 Things Heads of Operations can do to Avoid Business Risk

Risk is the enemy of operations teams worldwide, from data protection breaches, to employment matters. We count down our top 5 tips for avoiding business risk.

5 Project Management Tips for Operations Teams

Operations teams are renowned for their ability to juggle tasks. But what are some of the tried and tested tactics to successfully manage a project?

9 Top Tips for Employers During a Recession

Times are challenging for employers. From hiring freezes to redundancy, we explore the options available during a downturn.

Online Marketplaces Explained: Rules, Risks, and Requirements

Setting up an online marketplace? Hoping to sell products or services through one? Explore our guide on the rules and risks of online marketplaces.

The Basics of Cookies: DIY Data Protection Guide

Cookies serve a range of purposes, but if handled poorly, they can get you in hot water. We explore the basics of cookies, and what to look out for.

Things to Think About When Hiring a Web Developer

From costs to IP ownership, there's a lot to consider when hiring a web developer. We break down what you need to think about when hiring a developer.

Legal Things to Think About When Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer can help propel your business forward on a flexible basis. But what things should you think about before hiring one? We explore all. 

How to Prepare for Due Diligence: Guide and Infographic

An investor will carry out due diligence before investing in your business. What can you do to prepare? We break it down in simple terms.

How to Register a Trade Mark: A Three-Part Guide

Registering a trade mark is key to protecting your intellectual property. But what does the registration process look like? We break it down in simple terms.

What Documents do you Need on Your Website?

As a business with a website, there are a number of key documents you'll need to host on your site. From privacy policies to terms of use, we break it down.

Legal Tips for Businesses: Social Media Stumbling Blocks

Social media is a powerful tool for business, but it can also go very, very wrong. We break down the do's and don'ts of using social media for business.

The Legal Guide to Email Marketing and Consent

Email is a remarkably useful tool for marketing, and yet - it has it's rules. We discuss PECR, GDPR, and the risks of email marketing.

How do you Terminate a Contract?

So, you need to terminate a contract. What rights are available to you? We discuss the different ways you can put an end to a professional relationship.

Pre-Employment Checks: Your Ultimate Checklist for New Hires

You've made a new hire! What's next? We outline the pre-employment checks you'll need to consider, from the Right to Work in the UK, to Medical Information.

The GDPR: Your Guide to Compliance

The GDPR sets out to protect the rights of individuals, but non-compliance comes at a great cost. We cover the basics with our GDPR guide.

TUPE Explained: Transfer Teams Between Different Employers

There is nothing quite like TUPE to send lawyers and HR professionals alike scrambling for cover. Who knew a simple acronym...

What's Involved In Selling a Business? A Step By Step Guide.

How do you go about selling your business? How do you navigate legal hurdles? And how do you get the most value for something you’ve worked so hard to build?

Hiring From Overseas? The Five UK Working Visas You Need to Know

As the freedom of movement, which came with being part of the EU, disappeared, the government sought to fill the gap in the workforce...

Sending People's Information Abroad: The BREXIT Edition

In the business of sending people's information abroad? You'll need to adhere to the international data transfers agreement...

Tackling a DSAR: A Step by Step Infographic Guide

Data Subject Access Requests (or DSARs) are when an individual that you process data about contacts your business requesting...

Why Are Statutory Registers So Important?

Statutory registers are an important foundation for your business and serve as records of important aspects of your company structure...

Celebrating Ethical Game-Changers: The Legal Obligations of B Corps

March is B Corp month and if you’re anything like us, you likely enjoy hearing the stories of B Corp certified...

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring

We tackle what employee monitoring means in the workplace, the ethics that surround it, and the best practice methods you can use.

What Are Your Options When Hiring Overseas?

In this article, we explain the legal and tax factors for hiring overseas. We discuss employers of record and legal obligations for employers.

Hiring In-House Versus Using a Legal Partner

For an in-house lawyer working as the sole legal advisor within a fast-growth business is challenging. We outline a solution...

White Label Fintech Solutions: Why They Matter

The fintech sector is growing globally; and with it, fintech solutions. We discuss white-label fintech solutions and how they're set to impact the sector.

Who is Protected by Whistleblowing Laws? A Guide.

When former Facebook employee Frances Haugen announced the socials media giant's "unilateral control over...

Stephenson Law Advises Minima on a $6.5m Series A Round

Stephenson Law has advised decentralized network Minima on a $6.5m Series A round. We discuss deal details and what this means for the blockchain disruptor.

Case Study: Supporting Farewill in their Data Sharing Approach

Farewill provides end of life services, such as will writing and probate support. We take a look at how we helped Farewell with their data sharing approach.

Stephenson Law Advises MyTutor on £15m Series B Round

Stephenson Law has advised leading online tutoring platform MyTutor on their successful £15m series B round. We explain the deal in full.

Stephenson Law Advises PublicBenefit.UK on Nominet Membership Action

Stephenson Law has advised PublicBenefit.UK on Nominet membership action. We explain the ins and outs of the project at hand.

The WFH Problem: Unconscious Bias and Hybrid Working Issues

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a global overhaul in working practices, with many employees trading in the morning commute...

The Top Three Hiring Issues Facing Modern Employers

Amongst the challenges facing today’s founders, you'd think hiring would be one of the easier tasks on your to-do list...

Data Protection Officers and Representatives: Explained

The data protection world has a series of unique roles, from data protection officers to representatives. We break down what they mean in simple terms.

IR35 and Off-Payroll Working Rules Explained

Despite their importance, IR35 and off-payroll working rules can spark confusion. We explain what they mean and how they impact you.

5 Key Data Protection Issues for HealthTech

HealthTechs face a unique set of challenges when it comes to data protection. We outline the top 5 data protection issues facing HealthTechs today.

Stephenson Law advises 5G supercharger AccelerComm on Series A

Stephenson Law advised 5G supercharger AccelerComm on their successful Series A. Discover the details of the deal...

Thinking about EMI options? Here's what you need to know

EMI options can be a great way of attracting and retaining top talent. But there's more than meets the eye with the EMI share option scheme...

The Future of International Personal Data Transfers

There has been much anticipation in the privacy world for the “Schrems II” judgement. We discuss the future of international personal data transfers.

The Viability of Your Contracts in a Post-Pandemic World

In this article, we tackle the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the long-term viability of contractual relationships. Ready? Let's get started.

Managing your employees through the COVID-19 crisis

Until the government imposes further lockdown conditions, you need to carry out regular risk assessments...

Sharing the Love (of How Shares Work!)

When you incorporated your start-up at Companies House, chances are that you gave lots of thought to its name, the directors, and the...

Getting Your House In Order for Series A

Your Series A round is probably going to be the first time you and your business comes under the scrutiny of an institutional...

DSAR-RRRGH! Dealing with Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

Have you been hit with a DSAR? We explain how to deal with a data subject access request and the rights that come with them.

Should you use biometrics in your organisation?

There’s much in the press at the moment about the use of facial recognition technology by the police and other law enforcement...

Tech Startups: Recruiting Your First In-house Lawyer

At the beginning, a lawyer is not going to be on your radar, but pretty soon your tech startup will need a legal expert. We explain what you should be aware of.

Shareholders' Agreements: The Basics

Starting a business is challenging, exciting and usually expensive so we’ll forgive you for pushing...

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