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Challenging and negotiating with your employer doesn’t have to feel like David against Goliath.

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When you’ve fallen out with your employer or you’re considering an exciting job offer – you want someone there on the journey with you, fighting your corner. We understand that things can get personal, so we’re here to give you professional expertise with heart. You won’t get a cold-faced, detached lawyer – we’ll help you implement the best strategies and let you know if you’re being offered a good deal. We can help you with:

• Settlement agreements and negotiating exits
• Advising founders on exits
• Advising on employment and consultancy contracts
• Advising on post-termination restrictions
• Support for internal processes (eg disciplinaries and grievances)
• Tribunal litigation representation

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We are commended for our pragmatism and empathy when faced with often difficult and emotive matters. We’ll help you keep a level head when things get heated and do the heavy-lifting if it feels like it is getting too much. Whatever is going on, we’ve got your back and will work tirelessly to get the best outcome for you.

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Our fees vary depending upon the complexity and duration of your matter and how much assistance you require. Before onboarding you as a client, we’ll have an initial (free) consultation with you to discuss your circumstances and check we’re able to act in your best interests. After this point, we will be able to consider our likely costs and provide you with an estimate or suggest a fixed fee where appropriate.  

The SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) Transparency Rules require us to provide information about our prices for bringing or defending claims on your behalf for unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal in the Employment Tribunal (ET), which we have set out below.

It was a very difficult situation and it was enormously helpful to have Ellie in my corner. I felt she really went to bat for me in a moment when I needed to feel someone was on my side.

She took all the evidence I provided and produced some really strong correspondence that put my point of view over in an uncompromising manner and resulted in my employer's initial offer being vastly improved. Through some difficult wrangling around wording of a final settlement she gave me sound advice and was supportive and sympathetic to me personally.

I'm glad I hired a specialist lawyer rather than trying to handle what was an emotionally difficult situation on my own, and I'm really glad I hired Ellie who got me the best deal I think was achievable.

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