Event Attendees

You’re an attendee at one of our events 



If you’re an attendee at an event that we’re (co-)hosting, you can find out more about the purposes we will collect and use your personal data for, and other important information, below.

What personal data do we collect?

  • Biographical details (name, job title and other information about you or your role)
  • Contact details (both private and work, where appropriate)
  • Access or dietary requirements
  • Photographs or video containing images of you (we’ll always tell you if we’re doing this in advance. If you’re part of a large group of people, this won’t represent your personal data; however if you’re part of a small group of people or you’re photographed or recorded individually, then it will)
  • Feedback forms (which may be completed anonymously)

Where do we get your personal data from?

  • We’ll usually get your personal data directly from you, although we may get your personal data from your colleagues if they register you to attend an event on your behalf

What do we use your personal data for?

  • Managing and running events
  • Ensuring access and dietary requirements are met

What is our lawful basis for using your personal data?

There are six available legal grounds for using personal data. The grounds relied upon by us for the above purposes are:

  • We’ll use your personal data in line with our legitimate interests in managing and running our events
  • Where necessary, we may need to your personal data to protect your vital interests, for example, if you suffer an allergic reaction, take ill or are injured at any of our events
  • We may ask for your consent to use your name in connection with any photographs, video or testimonials relating to an event
  • We’ll also use your personal data to comply with our legal obligations, for example, under equality, health and safety laws

Who will we share your personal data with?

In addition to our staff (which may include self-employed consultants) and those providing technical services to us (such as cloud service providers that host our business systems), we may share your personal data with:

  • Any person or organisation that we’re co-hosting an event with (where they will be a joint controller with us)
  • Any event venue or catering provider
  • External marketing agencies engaged by us, where necessary

How long will we keep your personal for?

We retain personal data about event attendees for a period of 6 months from the date of the event. If you’ve subscribed for our newsletter, then we will retain until you unsubscribe or object to receiving direct marketing from us, or we believe you’re not longer interesting in receiving any marketing communications for us.