You won’t find us sitting on the fence; we are responsive and straightforward

Next generation legal services

Founded in 2017, we’re challenging the legal industry by offering unparalleled service and expertise without the typical corporate stuffiness. 

We work with fast-growth, entrepreneurial businesses to provide strategic advice and support on day-to-day matters. From startups to in-house legal, procurement and privacy teams, we’re here to help. Our flexible subscription services and transparent approach to pricing means you can access the services you need without worrying about the cost.

We understand the challenges that young, ambitious businesses face because we are one. And we know what established teams are looking for because we’ve been there. Whatever your set up, our lawyers quickly integrate and build relationships with your team—no hand-holding required.

Dedicated to our clients



We are a small close-knit firm dedicated to the relationships with our clients and each other. We pride ourselves on being able to get to the heart of each business we take on and are proactive in spotting opportunities to help them grow.

We’ve ditched the corporate persona of a law firm; our focus is on delivering an excellent service to our clients so we don’t worry about what people are wearing or where they’re working. Our focus is on our relationships with our clients and each other and, while we’re all excellent lawyers, what matters most is how we communicate our advice.

You won’t find us using legal jargon or sitting on the fence; we are responsive and straightforward. We’ll always tell you what we think in plain English.




Our mission is simple: we want to protect your business and support its growth.


We provide excellent, straightforward, commercially-focused legal advice.


We work hard to understand your business to help you achieve your goals.


We are flexible to work with because a good law firm should adapt to your requirements.


We always act in your best interests and with the utmost integrity.


We are full of ideas and are always looking for creative ways to make our work better.


We love what we do. Simple.

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