WEBINAR | Schrems II – The Fallout | Data Protection Q&A | 21 July

21 July 2020 

Senior technology lawyer Ed Boal was joined by data protection specialist Matt Morrison for this special Stephenson Law webinar.

In the aftermath of the recent ruling on Privacy Shield, the flagship data flows arrangement between the EU-US, our experts discussed:

– Rules on restricted transfers
– Background to Schrems
– Outcome of Schrems I
– Outcome of Schrems II
– What it all means
– Implications for UK post-Brexit

In the open Q&A our panel answered the following questions:

– Can we not simply switch to being serverless as a means of avoiding these issues? 50:43

– The court underlines that an exporter may have to consider putting in place additional measures to those included in the SCCs, the EDPB will be looking further into what these additional measures could consist of, what kind of additional measures do you see currently? 51:35

– What is the balance between breaching data privacy regulations and public health emergencies caused by the pandemic following confirmation that the test and trace breached privacy regulations? 53:21

– Following reports that Brexit could prompt Google to move data and accounts of British users from the EU to the US, would it be surprising if Google kept user accounts controlled in an EU country with the UK no longer a member of the EU? 56:44

– Who can help me understand what a segregated Twitter would look like in the sense of EU based users being on an EU server and me being based on a US server, would we be able to interact? 58:30

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This webinar was hosted by Stephenson Law in partnership with Bellevue Law. We are two firms challenging the legal industry by offering unparalleled service and expertise without the typical corporate stuffiness.

PLEASE NOTE – The above webinar took place on Tuesday 21 July at 10:00am GMT. This is a rapidly changing situation and new measures may have been introduced by the UK Government since the time of recording. If you have any questions please contacthello@stephenson.law.

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