Will Foulkes

Associate Director & Head of Blockchain



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Will is our Associate Director & Head of Blockchain, with a special focus on distributed ledger technologies, digital assets and smart contracts. Over the past years, Will has developed a deep understanding of blockchain and the associated law, assisting clients across jurisdictions with token related fundraising (ICOs, IEOs, STOs), regulatory compliance and strategy.

Will works with the Law Commission’s Digital Asset and Smart Contract teams and has spoken on several panel events about blockchain. Will trained and qualified at a leading city law firm, working in their London, Paris and Milan offices before moving to France where he worked for a French national corporate law firm.

In addition to blockchain specific work, Will focuses on commercial law, drawing from his extensive experience in the tech space. He is also fluent in English and French, having advised in both English and French law.

Education, Certifications and Awards

  • Graduate Diploma in Law (2010)
  • 1st Class Degree in History and French (2008)