Alice Stephenson

Founder & CEO



That Tattooed Lawyer
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Arch nemesis
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Alice founded Stephenson Law in 2017 to create a law firm that does things differently. Tackling each stereotype head-on, she is on a mission to build a forward-thinking, innovative legal services firm which puts people at the heart of everything it does.

Alice is responsible for the overall strategic direction and success of the business. Her aim is to inspire young women to challenge the perceived barriers to success and see that anything is possible.

Alice also offers training and consulting services to lawyers and law firm owners on a range of non-legal topics, including starting a law firm, marketing, personal brand and diversity and inclusion through her personal brand:

Education & Certifications

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) (in progress)
  • PGD Intellectual Property Law & Practice (2020)
  • PGD Legal Practice Course (2009)
  • Graduate Diploma in Law (2008)
  • PGD Human Resource Management (2007)
  • BSc (Hons) Sociology & HR Management (2005)