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Protecting businesses and managing crises

Failing to meet regulatory requirements with personal data can cause havoc in your business.

From privacy leaks shattering consumer trust to hefty fines hitting you where it hurts, mismanagement of personal data can erupt into a host of problems that can be hard to control.

We’re data protection experts offering you peace of mind that your business is being protected, in one handy annual subscription.

A data protection subscription created with fast-growing businesses in mind

We become the partner for UK entities and...

…register with the ICO as your Data Protection Officer and begin working to protect your business.

…become the first point of contact when it comes to privacy notices and important internal documentation. Once important messages pop up, we will make sure the right person in the business is notified.

…proactively monitor your Data Protection compliance and call in quarterly (at least). We will check in with internal stakeholders to make sure that their processes are still accurately reflected in their ROPA, Privacy Notice, internal Data Protection Policy and standard form DPAs.

…notify your team of relevant changes to the law and conduct regular staff training.

…sit down with you for an annual call where we can reflect on any data breaches, near misses and data subject requests. We will note down any lessons learned from actions taken so that your business is prepared for the future.

…perform an instant analysis of any data breaches, making informed decisions to report breaches to the ICO and assist your team with a response.

…update your ROPA, Privacy Notice, internal Data Protection Policy and standard form DPAs when needed.

…provide real-time support in the analysis of DSARs, making an informed decision on how to respond to a crisis and assisting your team with a response (additional charges may occur, contact us to find out more).

…make sure that you encounter no unexpected costs when it comes to working with a law firm and your data.

Avoid unexpected costs

Our subscription is priced from £10,000 + VAT a year and is payable annually in advance. Contact us today to find out more about our subscription and our prices.
This service is for UK entities only

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How we help clients with their data

Farewill worked with Stephenson Law to find an approach to data sharing that reflected their values, without compromising their attractiveness to their business partners.

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I have years of experience getting to know various entrepreneurial teams and their businesses. My favourite part of the subscription is carrying out jargon-free workshops to help everyone understand data protection.

Alison Berryman
Head of Data Protection and Technology

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