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From NFTs to the metaverse, we’d guided some of the most exciting Web 3.0 projects.

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We work with industry-leading fintech businesses to help them scale

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The EdTech industry faces its own unique set of challenges that we can navigate.

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We believe in building a greener future alongside our clients.

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While the law will always be our first love, we’ve spent our careers diving deep into developing industries. We’ve watched the evolution of Edtech, played a part in the boundary-pushing of Blockchain, and guided GreenTechs as they better the planet. With decades in industry, we’ve become industry experts across a host of markets, with an intimate understanding of the world of tech.

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Financial regulation

From jargon-busters to FCA authorisation overviews, dive into the world of financial regulation.

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The Basics of Blockchain

NFTs, the metaverse, the top trends of 2022: discover an overview of blockchain in this report.

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Fintech trends of 2022

What are the top fintech trends of 2022? Leading experts and market leaders come together to discuss.

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