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One Great Leap for Law: Trio of Legal NFTs Now Available for Purchase in UK First

8 November 2021 

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Sparking waves of excitement, trepidation, and even controversy, our series of legal NFTs are now live! Offering one-on-one access to the legal trinity behind this ambitious project, Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, Head of FinReg Gareth Malna, and Stephenson Law CEO and Founder Alice Stephenson, the NFT trio has been dubbed the Stephenson Law “TriNFTy”.  

These legal NFTs are now available to purchase on OpenSea here, and make legal history in their fusion of art and blockchain expertise related to law.   

Pixel art with purpose 

The trio of NFTs, or “TriNFTy” if you will, serve as crypto-art tokens that represent legal advice. Not only that, but the tokens are moving works of art, created by our resident animator Will Andrews. Each token depicts a member of this “legal trinity” in cartoon form, shifting in and out of pixelated art – a distinct nod to the ubiquitous pixel art of the NFT world.   

These tokens go beyond pixelated motion art however, and can be redeemed for legal advice. The advice that the token can be redeemed for includes financial services regulation and the legal rules around blockchain and NFTs. It can also include time for consulting on strategy, compliance, governance, and documentation necessary of such a new-fangled technology. Additionally, one of the NFTs will afford the buyer one-on-one access to our industry renowned founder, Alice Stephenson. The price for time with Alice will be the cryptocurrency equivalent of £250, while the tokens offering legal advice from Will and Gareth will be £300, a discount on their usual hourly rate.

Conscious of the at times environmentally damaging impacts of blockchain technology, the NFTs have been minted on Polygon via OpenSea, as a result of its reduced use of energy. That means users can buy NFTs using the MATIC token (wrapped ETH – which uses a proof of stake verification process).

The launch comes after two weeks of intense build up for the unique series of NFTs, with countless publications weighing in on the launch, including LexologyLegal Cheek, and With many heralding – and in equal measure – questioning the purpose of the NFTs, the launch has drawn attention to the innovations within blockchain technology, and the hesitancy of some industries to embrace the tech. 

A first for the UK legal industry, this trio of NFTs are a brave move forward for the industry, and echo our expertise and passion for blockchain and its associated technologies. Having guided countless clients through the world of NFTs, the trio is not just a sign of our expertise – but acts as a move of solidarity with our client’s in this space.

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