Meet the flockers: Ed Boal

06 December 2019

On week four of our ‘meet the flockers’ series we’re speaking with Ed Boal, Senior Solicitor and Head of Scaleups here at SLHQ. During our chat Ed shares his top three apps, the best piece of advice he’s ever been given and more.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about lawyers?

Apart from being arrogant, self-interested and untrustworthy!? I think the biggest misconception is that we’re purely technicians who can’t think pragmatically. It goes without saying that our clients expect us to know the law – that’s why they come to us after all – but ultimately they want us to apply the law in a way that works for their business.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

I’ve had quite a lot of good advice when I think about it – and some of it has really stuck! I had a Sunday School teacher who told me that you should never say anything unless it’s kind, relevant or helpful; which I am sure my colleagues would agree are words that I live by at least 50% of the time!

If you could only have three apps on your phone, which would you pick?

iPlayer (aka my digital co-parent), First Direct (probably not as cool as Monzo, but it’s never let me down) and this app which has a full indexed copy of the GDPR on it (nerd alert!)

Tell us about something you saw recently that made you smile.

Probably Edie, my two year old daughter, giving Artie, my four year old son, a hug after he rescued her from the Tickle Monster (that’s me).

Next week we’ll be catching up with Hannah Gordon, Commercial Solicitor here at SLHQ. In the meantime, if you have questions for any of the team please contact us at