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Taking the plunge and registering your first trade mark or design is an exciting moment for any business. It seems like only yesterday we were creating our very own flamingo brand! 

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We understand that every business is different and will have different goals and budgets for their IP protection. For those registering their first mark(s), we have therefore created lots of options, in the hope that you can hopefully find an option that fits exactly what you need, for the budget you have available.

Filing and protection packages

The DIY package: £500

Feel that you can manage much of the protection process yourself, but just need some initial guidance and a sounding board before you start? This package provides an hours call with one of our attorneys where we can discuss your requirements and propose a suitable strategy for you, followed by the delivery of a strategic report and a self-filing proposal.

Instruct us here and we will get in touch to organise an initial call with you.

The UK basics package: £995

You know you need help making sure your brand is available for use and can be protected… You also want to ensure that any protection is comprehensive and legally validated. 

This package includes a high-level availability search with a concise, digestible report based on our legal assessment of any risks highlighted, as well as our filing of your initial trade mark application.

The full works: £2,995

Want to ensure you are fully protected, with a more in-depth risk assessment report outlining the potential risks to use and protection, in conjunction with our strategic advice in respect of those risks? This, along with your UK trade mark application will be included within this package, along with an annual watching service, which will ensure you are alerted if anyone else tries to protect your brand in the UK (or the world).

Or to make life even easier...

Alternatively, To make life easy, we offer an annual subscription package to cover the first 12 months of your trade mark or design ownership.

For just £3,250 a year, we can conduct your searches, register your trade marks and manage your portfolio of up to 5 trade marks/designs. This annual service includes:

  • Strategic filing advice
  • Preparation and filing of trademark applications
  • Trade mark watching services for all marks and advice on any potential issues raised by the service
  • Prosecution of applications through to registration
  • Management of all related deadlines and review of all correspondence and certificates
  • Management of all trademark renewals
  • Attending to register changes such as changes of name, changes of address, assignment and licence recordals
  • Conducting, reviewing and reporting of trademark searches


Discounted hourly rates for all work falling outside of the subscription

Want to level-up to include our super comprehensive search and risk assessment reports? Add our searching bolt-on for £1,950.

Please note that official and third party fees are not included within the subscription.

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Alternatively, our fee calculator will tell you the costs involved if you’d rather instruct us for a one-off application, either in the UK or overseas.

Note that official or third party fees aren’t included in our packages or subscriptions

Why us and unsure of where to start?

We understand the challenges that young, ambitious businesses face because we are one.

IP can be a real challenge for new businesses and we’re here to lighten the load and provide you with the support you need to set your business up for success.

Unsure of where to start?


Hey, I’m Laura, the the Head of IP here at Stephenson Law.

Struggling to know what you need or want to talk through who we can help? Simply book in a call with me and we can chat it through.

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