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Stephenson Law and Springbird IP: The Story Behind the Intellectual Property Powerhouse

In 2023, Springbird IP took flight from the Stephenson Law brand. But what is it? And what is the relationship between the two firms?

Atoning for The 7 Deadly Sins of the Legal Industry

The legal industry has a few sins to make up for. From fax machines to convoluted pricing, we count down the 7 deadly sins of the legal industry.

Docue and Stephenson Law Partner to Empower UK SMEs

Today Docue launches in the UK, with the help of Stephenson Law. But what does this mean for SMEs? We explain the impact of Docue's new product line.

Let’s Get Virtual: Lawyers Turn into NFTs as They Dive into Web 3.0

Today we’re announcing our formal descent into Web 3.0. What does this mean? We discuss our NFT collection and our belief in blockchain for the long haul.

Stephenson Law Advises Clausematch on £9Million Deal

As nominees for this year’s Tech Dealmaker of the Year Award, our corporate team are the legal go-to’s...

Digital Fashion: What is it? And Where is it Going?

Blockchain technology has already had a revolutionary impact on various aspects of our lives and this is no less true...

Klarna BNPL Changes: What It Means for Consumers

The fintech industry has ballooned in recent years, with countless consumers benefitting from evolved...

NFTs Recognised by UK High Court as Legal Property

Most recently, a landmark case on NFTs has caught our attention. Brought before the UK High Court by owner of two “Boss Beauties”...

The Stephenson Law Rebrand: A New Face for a New Era

When we founded in 2017 it was hard to know where Stephenson Law was going to end up. Today, we're announcing our brand-new company rebrand.

Is Blockchain Environmentally Friendly? Challenges Explained

We’ve had a think about the role blockchain technology is playing in this evergreen, everlasting battle between Earth and its inhabitants...

Stephenson Law Bares All for Be Kind to Lawyers Day

It’s fair to say that lawyers are not always the most popular bunch. Marred by a legacy of stuffy suits and legal horror stories...

Celebrating Ethical Game-Changers: The Legal Obligations of B Corps

March is B Corp month and if you’re anything like us, you likely enjoy hearing the stories of B Corp certified...

Breaking the Bias for International Women's Day

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This year we came together to break the bias and discuss some of the challenges we've faced as women.

Slava Ukraini: Yuliya Prokopyshyn on Russia-Ukraine Invasion

On 24th February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In this article, Ukrainian Solicitor Yuliya Prokopyshyn weighs in on the events.

Inky IP: The Intellectual Property Rights of Tattoos

As tattoos have made their way to the main stage, so too have intellectual property quandaries related to the art form. We explain the IP of your tattoos.

I Lawv You: Stephenson Law's Crush Countdown for Valentine's Day

We’re feeling the love today at Stephenson Law. Maybe it’s the sun pouring in through the window or maybe it's the fact it's valentine's day.

Social Media and Intellectual Property Challenges

Social Media can contain a ton of intellectual property (IP) and it’s not always free to use. We explain the do's and don'ts of managing social media.

Meet the Flockers: Simon Bridgens

Our Meet The Flockers series gives us a chance to show the humans behind Stephenson Law...

CNIL Fines Google and Facebook for “Cookie Consent” Banners

The EU data protection regulators, in this case, the French supervisory authority CNIL, have locked horns with Google and Facebook for cookie consent issues.

Grindr Sells Personal Data to Advertisers Without Consent

We discuss Grindr's recent run-in with the law, for selling personal data without consent. Our data protection experts discuss the issues facing the app.

Stephenson Law Adopts a Flock of Flamingos for Christmas

And that’s a wrap… almost! As we count down the days to opening presents and guzzling mulled wine...

Calling All Investment Firms: Christmas Has Come Early

New year, new me, new regime…? Come 1st January 2022 the new UK Investment Firm (or “IFPR”) will come into force for all UK MiFID Investment Firms

What is the Metaverse and Why Does a Law Firm Care?

With the announcement of Facebook’s ambitious rebrand to “Meta”, many considered the move an attempt to...

Lloyd v Google: Verdict Arrives for History-Making Court Case

International tech giant Google came under fire this week, at the hands of the former director of Which. We explain the details of this history-making case.

Trio of Legal NFTs Now Available for Purchase in UK First

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Sparking waves of excitement, trepidation...

Bitcoin Rises to the Stock Market in the Form of an ETF

Blockchain and its related technologies have burst onto scene this year, but it’s understandable if...

Flip Flops and NFTs: How an NFT Launch Sparked Outrage

This week we launched three NFTs representing legal advice. But as the days waged on rumblings of...

Stephenson Law Advises Minima on a $6.5m Series A Round

Stephenson Law has advised decentralized network Minima on a $6.5m Series A round. We discuss deal details and what this means for the blockchain disruptor.

Going Crypto: Legal Services Firm Announces NFT Drop

In a brave move towards blockchain, Stephenson Law dropped 3 NFTs for the public to purchase. We explain why we took the plunge into tokens...

Meet the Flockers: Rachael Cooper

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? This year I took up surfing...

Could Your Smart Doorbell be Invading your Neighbours Privacy?

As smart doorbells grow in popularity, new concerns have arisen surrounding privacy. And according to a judgement, changes may be coming.

Meet the Flockers: Gareth Malna

What’s the best career decision you’ve ever made? I’ve had so many varied jobs over the years: nighttime shelf stacker at Tesco...

Meet the Flockers: Olivia Atkinson

What originally got you interested in your current field of work? My love of words!

Royally Screwed: Elizabeth Emanuel's IP Battle to Reclaim Her Name

On designing a dress that made royal wedding history, Elizabeth Emanuel became a household name. We discuss the intellectual property issues that came after.

Meet the Flockers: Ellie Gilbert

What's your go-to film? Why? Such a hard question! I love films and have seen so many amazing films...

The Big Taboo: The Importance of SexTech and World Orgasm Day

At Stephenson Law, we’re known for challenging the status quo when it comes to the legal industry...

A Spot In The Milky Way to Celebrate our Fourth Birthday

Bring out the cake and light the candles, because today is SLHQ’s birthday! Today we turn four years old...

Meet the Flockers: Will Andrews!

Our Meet The Flockers series gives us a chance to show the humans behind Stephenson Law...

NFTs: A Blockchain Bubble Set to Burst or a Revolution in Digital Art?

NFTs have exploded in popularity, thanks to the blockchain boom and the rise of digital art. We tackle the blockchain bubble, and whether it's about to burst.

Companies and Copyright: Memes and the Intellectual Property Issue

The copyright of memes is an often overlooked issue. And yet, get it wrong, and you could face costly intellectual property issues. We explain all...

Employee Vaccination and the Data Protection Conundrum

What should employers think about when collecting vaccination data of their employees? We provide employers with an end-to-end data protection checklist.

An Important Announcement for Stephenson Law

From digital contracts to blockchain, tech has hauled us into the future. On April 1st we took the time to outline one of our most daring moves yet.

Alice Stephenson wins Women in Innovation Award, 2021

International Women’s Day is a celebration of the world’s industry-busting women. And, on IWD 2021, Alice Stephenson scooped an innovation award...

Stephenson Law advises on sale of EnviroDat

Stephenson Law has advised the shareholders of EnviroDat on the sale of the business. We explain the details of the project and the future of EnviroDat.

Meet the Flockers: Erin Roberts!

What’s a film you think everyone should watch...

The ICO Springs Into Life: Penalty Notices and British Airways

Autumn 2020 has been a busy period on the enforcement front for the ICO. We discuss the data protection penalty notices now facing British Airways.

How TikTok is Evolving in the Context of Privacy

TikTok has dominated headlines, raising privacy concerns in the process. We explain how tiktok is evolving to meet international privacy obligations.

What Happens To Personal Data After Someone Dies?

What happens to personal data after someone dies? We tackle one of the most interesting data protection issues to face the modern digital world.

Stephenson Law advises 5G supercharger AccelerComm on Series A

Stephenson Law advised 5G supercharger AccelerComm on their successful Series A. Discover the details of the deal...

Bad Faith: Banksy's Legal Battle and Intellectual Property

When Banksy stumbled in trade mark trouble, many wondered what caused the "bad faith" assertion. Our intellectual property experts explain all...

Celebrating five inspirational lawyers on World Humanitarian Day

August 19 marks world humanitarian day. This year, we took the time to celebrate five inspirational lawyers who have bettered the world.

Stephenson Law Advises Mayku on Their Investment Round

Stephenson Law advised tabletop manufacturer Mayku on their successful investment round. We break down the details of the deal.

Susan Roberts on Life as a Data Protection Officer

Max Schrems sits down next to me as the Q&A at the Data Protection conference starts. I have positioned myself in the far corner of the...

Meet the Flockers: Jessica Taylor

In the latest instalment of ‘Meet the flockers’ we say bonjour to trainee solicitor, Jessica Taylor...

Stephenson Law Comments on Future Fund Convertible Loan Agreement

In this article, we outline the future fund convertible loan agreement, and explain what it could mean for your business.

DIY Haircuts, Zoom Calls and a World of Remote Mediation

As remote and hybrid work takes over, remote mediation has become increasingly popular. We explain remote mediation, and how to embrace it...

Medical Device Regulation Commission 2021 Updates

In this article, we discuss the 2021 updates to the medical device regulation commission. Read on to understand how the MDR impacts you.

Meet the Flockers: Laura French

In today’s instalment of ‘Meet the flockers’ we sit down with Laura French, Practice Manager here at SLHQ. We talk...

Stephenson Law Advises Rovco on a £5 million Series A Investment

Stephenson Law advised subsea technology firm, Rovco on their successful £5 million Series A round. Discover the details of the deal in full...

Meet the flockers: Nadia Venis

In the sixth instalment of our meet the flockers series we catch-up with SLHQ Legal Support Manager Nadia Venis...

Our Charity Partnership with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

We believe giving back is crucial. That's why we've taken the time to discuss our charity partner, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

Stephenson Law Partners with Capdesk

Stephenson Law, an alternative law firm based in Bristol, has announced an industry-first partnership with Capdesk...

Maternity Leave? We can help!

When a key member of your legal team is due to go on maternity leave (or parental leave) there’s often a bit of a panic to find the right cover...

Social Influencers: Don't Make A # Of It

Affiliate marketers and social influencers are a new and popular way of attracting customers. But, there are legal rules when it comes to influencing customers.

Smart Contracts: The Much Awaited Law Commission Verdict

It’s here! The much-anticipated advice from the Law Commission on the application of smart contracts in the legal industry...

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