How we’re dealing with COVID-19


13 March 2020 – Given the current status and uncertainty about COVID-19 and the potential implications for business, we wanted to reassure all of our clients and contacts that we have implemented a plan and that it’ll be business as usual for us during the ‘delay’ phase.

Here at Stephenson Law we’re used to working remotely and have been set up to do just that. With the best interests of our team and clients in mind we have already implemented a WFH policy, which will remain in place for the time being. We’re postponing face-to-face meetings and will instead be making good use of our Zoom accounts!

Like everyone, we are continually assessing the situation. In the meantime, be assured that we do not anticipate any disruption to service and are here if you need any additional support or advice.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Thank you

The SLHQ team

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