What's your NFT Strategy? | The NFT Workshop | A three part series

June 14th | 2pm GMT

At the start of 2022, the total volume of all traded NFTs reached an eye-watering $509 million. With that in mind, countless creatives, companies, and curious traders have truly taken note of the NFT space, with ambitions to create their own. And while crypto punks and crypto kitties have dominated the lucrative NFT market in 2021, 2022 is expected to enjoy a breadth and depth of token traders making the most of blockchain technology.

But making the most of the NFT hype train is easier said than done, with many forgoing the importance of an end to end NFT strategy. With so many seeking a piece of the NFT pie, many big brands are failing to reach the true potential of their NFT campaigns. As part of a three-part NFT workshop series, we spoke with the NFT strategy experts behind some of the most successful NFT campaigns in recent years. Hosted by Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, Head of Finreg Gareth Malna, and Stephenson Law Founder and CEO Alice Stephenson, this series provides the expert A to Z in succeeding in NFTs.

In part one of this webinar series, we tackled the business case for NFTs, how to commercialise them, and the strategic steps needed to prevent an NFT flop. We spoke with CTO of Asprey Aidan Connor and Co-Founder of ITMV Alexander Golombeck, both known for the feats in the NFT space. Hosted by Founder and CEO Alice Stephenson, Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, and Head of Finreg Gareth Malna, this webinar provided a deep-dive of both the creative and legal aspects of creating NFTs designed to succeed.

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