The Future of Law: Part Two

23 March 2021

Modern technologies are changing industries with lightning speed, and the legal industry is no exception. These evolving technologies are reshaping the law, changing the way lawyers work with clients and influencing the role of a lawyer.

Often highly complex (especially when it comes to blockchain and crypto assets) and most likely misunderstood, these webinars aim to educate legal professionals and open a dialogue on what we should expect in the coming years.

Our Head of Blockchain and Senior Solicitor Will Foulkes and our Legal Engineer, Jay Smith, were joined by the Professor Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law, and Stevie Ghiassi, CEO and Co-Founder of Legaler to share their expertise when it comes to this rapidly changing landscape.

Focusing on NFTs, DAOs, and crypto in business, the panelists answered the following questions:

– What is an NFT? 02.32

– What are you buying when you engage with NFTs? 8.55

– Is it like buying a digital first edition of a novel? 12.34

– How would you describe the legal status of owning a digital asset? 16.19

– What are you laying claim to in this regard? What does it mean to possess a digital asset? 20.19

– What is a DAO? 26.00

– Can you share some examples of DAOs and what we should be aware of? 29.39

– If something goes wrong, who’s responsible? 35.03?

– Discuss crypto in business, paying attention to Legaler Aid 39.30

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PLEASE NOTE – The above webinar took place on Thursday 18th March at 10:00pm GMT. Updates may have been introduced after this webinar was recorded. If you have any questions please contact