The Future of Business

14 April 2021

The existence of blockchain elevates the level of trust businesses can attain, allowing for robust transactions, increased security and ownership protection. Blockchain equips businesses with increased efficiency and transparency, whilst broadening the horizon for innovation down the line.

We spoke with industry renowned thought leaders in the blockchain space to dive deep on the impacts of blockchain on businesses and their industries.

Our Head of Blockchain and Senior Solicitor Will Foulkes and our Legal Engineer, Jay Smith, were joined by three industry titans, including CEO and co-founder of Minima, Hugo Feiler, CTO of Blok Solutions, Areiel Wolanow, and Head of Digital Assets at Worldline, David Karney.

With a focus on use cases and the business applications of blockchain, the talk began with a discussion on the innovative uses of blockchain, opening up to a Q&A with the audience where the following questions were answered:

– You talk about blockchain reducing costs for businesses but the R&D costs can be very costly. Is blockchain really that efficient in reducing costs? 15.02

– Can you demonstrate some of the cost savings businesses might experience? 21.58

– Does it mean we’re only going to have one blockchain to rule them all, or is there space for interoperability? 26.51

– What kinds of businesses might be interested in NFTs? 30.03

– If you’re a business and you’re thinking about how blockchain can benefit you, how can you get stakeholders to consider it? 42.40

– What does the next seven years look like for blockchain in business? 48.52

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PLEASE NOTE – The above webinar took place on Tuesday 13th April at 12:00pm GMT. Updates may have been introduced after this webinar was recorded.

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