The A to Z of NFTs

26 October 2021

2021 has been the year of the NFT.

The saga began in March of this year, when infamous art-house Christie’s sold an NFT for a whopping $69 million, causing an industry-wide ripple effect that landed NFTs at the front and centre of the global conversation. Since then we’ve watched tweets sell for millions, films garner the price of mansions, and trading cards make an international come-back.

An industry ripe for creative use, the field has seen inputs from Rick and Morty producer Justin Roiland, global music star, Steve Aoki, and now, many household names are realising the opportunity. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, F1 Racing and Nike have joined the NFT revolution, with many global brands realising that NFTs are the future.

Despite this, the field is relatively new, with NFTs exploding in popularity so rapidly that when it comes to the successful management of an NFT project, there are limited experts in the field. When it comes to the A to Z of NFTs, there are only a few industry experts available to outline what a truly successful project looks like in the crypto space, resulting in a litany of NFTs simply destined to fail.

In this webinar we spoke with the experts leading the NFT wave, including Stephenson Law Associate Director and Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, NFTU CIO Alexander Golombeck, Founder and Host of Women in Blockchain Talks Lavinia D. Osborne and Vaulthill Founder Jimi Daodu. Our experts took the time to outline what makes a successful NFT, and how to create a winning crypto strategy.

The webinar began with an introduction from our panellists, who went on to tackle a few key topics. These included what to look out for in an NFT project, the environmental controversy surrounding the tech, and the growing importance of the metaverse within the NFT space. The webinar then opened up to a Q&A, where the panelists answered the following:

– If you’re an artist, which are the best platforms to get on? 51.55

– Do you think that governments should regulate cryptocurrencies? 53.44

– Can you discuss greenwashing? 55.02

Finally, the webinar closed with some exciting news: Stephenson Law is launching its very own series of NFTs.

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PLEASE NOTE – The above webinar took place on Monday 25th October at 12:00pm GMT. Updates may have been introduced after this webinar was recorded.

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