Marketing Your NFT | How To Launch NFTs Like the Experts

August 17th | 11am GMT

You've heard it all before: NFTs are the next big thing.

But for businesses seeking to leverage NFTs, it can be tricky to know how to prevent a flop. In the first of our three part series, we tackled the strategy required to set the foundations for a successful NFT project.

But how do you get that project out into the world? How should you tackle tokens? What platforms should you use? And how did the NFT greats launch projects that went the distance?

In this webinar we spoke with NFT marketing experts to share their insights on tackling the world of tokens. Hosts, Founder of Stephenson Law Alice Stephenson, Head of Legal Operations Jay Smith, and Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, spoke with Kryptoria Founders, Thomas McAlpine and William Askew.

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