Do you need a DPO?

25 January 2021

Should your business hire a Data Protection Officer? Is your DPO fulfilling the role as required by GDPR? Or, if your business doesn’t need one, what practices should you have in place?

Associate Director & Head of Subscriptions, Sam Ross and Data Protection Advisor, Matt Morrison, partnered with Pure Search, to answer just this.

Opening with a detailed and informative presentation from Matt, the webinar then consisted of an open Q&A, where the panel answered the following questions:

– What’s your view on the ‘best fit’ for a DPO? 44:00

– Have we seen the level of fines we were anticipating three years ago? 48:15

– What does the future look like for data protection? How does Brexit affect this? 52:11

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This webinar was hosted by Pure Search in partnership with Stephenson Law. Pure Search is a legal recruitment company with over two decades of expertise in search and recruitment across the globe.

PLEASE NOTE – The above webinar took place on Monday 25 January at 10:45am GMT. Updates may have been introduced after this webinar was recorded. If you are looking for a DPO in your organisation check out our data protection subscription page.