Dealing with the Downturn: Securing Investment in Difficult Times

January 26th | 14:00-15:00 GMT

The market is in flux, thanks in no small part to record-breaking inflation rates, staff layoffs, and slashed valuations. For businesses seeking to raise investment, this poses a unique set of challenges. And yet, done right, there are opportunities to be had.

Whether that’s rising to meet your investor’s evolving appetite, or cementing your business as a recession-proof enterprise, there are a number of things you can do as a business to secure a best-case-scenario for investment.

In part four of our series, we discuss how investment has evolved during the financial flux - and what you need to do to secure the best possible result for your fundraise. Fueled by cautious investors and an evolving market, many startups and scaleups are feeling the pinch when it comes to securing fundraising. As the recession takes hold, startups and scaleups will need to adapt their approach to secure the best possible chance of investment. We’ll discuss what investors are looking for, how the market is behaving, and how to maximise the value of your business. You’ll come away with an overview of the market, and importantly, what your business needs to do to rise to the top.

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