Dealing with the Downturn: How the UK's Tech Clusters are Coping

March 1st | 14:00-15:00 GMT

Companies across the UK are dealing with the constraints, challenges, and complexities of the financial downturn. For many tech companies - innovators by nature - the downturn presents a unique opportunity of its own. From gaining an edge on the market, to doubling-down on USPs, tech companies across the UK are rising to the challenge in their own way.

How are the innovators dealing with this crunch? Which companies are diving head-first into growth strategies? And which ones are playing it safe?

In part six of our series, we discuss how tech companies are coping with the crisis. We speak with tech cluster leaders about how they’re dealing with the slowing of the economy. We discuss the experiences of growing-tech businesses and share their many strategies for survival. You’ll come away with a wealth of wisdom, hard-earned by the many leaders navigating this financial downturn.

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