Dealing with the Downturn: Changing the Strategy and Mastering the Art of Persuasion

February 8th | 14:00-15:00

A recession-proof sales strategy is like gold dust during a financial downturn. But cracking the code is a complex task.

How do you keep valuable leads coming, when consumer-caution is at an all-time high? To make matters more complex, how do you convert those leads, with the knowledge you’re competing against the many other businesses battling against a crisis?

In part five of our series, we tackle the importance of a recession-proof sales strategy. As budgets shrink and needs evolve, converting leads into paying customers will become increasingly difficult. With customer-caution at an all time high, its key businesses holistically consider the relationship between marketing and sales to convert valuable customers. In this webinar we take a two-pronged approach. We discuss sales-strategies for a financial downturn, and outline why a connection between sales and marketing is the key to success. You’ll come away with expert insights on how to keep leads flowing with the economy slows down.

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