A to Z of Hiring Your First Developer, with SR2

17 November 2020

As part of the Bristol Tech Festival, Stephenson Law partnered with the award winning recruitment agency, SR2, to tackle an important topic, 'The A to Z of Hiring Your First Developer'.

Running a start-up is a complex mission, made all the more complicated when your team starts to grow. You’ve got the industry-breaking idea, trademarked the name, and embarked on your start-up journey - but now what?

Hosted by “Best New Recruitment Agency” winner SR2, and jargon-free law firm, Stephenson Law: this event provided a considered approach to hiring, and paid close attention to the legal frameworks needed to build a team that lasts.

In addition to industry leading advice, this event included virtual activities, including focused group sessions - designed to lighten the load in growing your world class team! In this event, the SR2 and Stephenson Law hosts covered:

- Advertising. What to do... and what not to do! 5:05

- What does a bad advert look like? 16:40

- What does a good advert look like? 20:36

- Choosing a candidate: What should you look for? 24:30

- Interviewing. How should it be done? 35:55

- The exciting part: Making an offer! 43:15

- The nitty gritty: The employment contract. 50:05

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The above event took place on Thursday 12 November at 17:30pm GMT as part of the Bristol Technology Festival. If you have any questions please contact