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Tackle a DSAR with data protection experts, who ensure you stay on top of obligations with safety in mind.
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Under data protection law, any individual has the right to submit a DSAR and ask to see what data you hold on them.

If the individual is an employee or someone else that you have worked with closely, this can sometimes be a lot of data and responding within a short timeframe is stressful! As data protection lawyers, we help you deal with DSARs responsibly, and quickly help you decide what should (and should not!) be disclosed.

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Our data protection team are experts in minimising risk, with an-in-depth understanding of achieving compliance.

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Stephenson Law has been a great partner as our external counsel.  Alison and her team have provided excellent advice and support over the years on both contracting and data protection issues, we really see them as an extension of our team at ActiveViam.  I would highly recommend them to anyone working with technology contracting and IP protection matters.

Allen Whipple, Managing Director

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