Corporate governance

Grow confidently with good corporate governance practices.

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As a business grows, the need to implement good corporate governance practices becomes ever more important. Corporate governance not only ensures compliance with company law and regulatory requirements, but also ensures that directors can make decisions confidently while protecting the interests of a company’s stakeholders.

We advise individual directors, boards and shareholders on matters such as:

• Amending articles of association to provide protection for shareholder interests
• Implementing policies and maintaining compliance records
• Advising on breaches of company law and rectifying issues
• Potential disputes between directors and shareholders
• Shareholder actions, where the management of a company have not acted in their interests

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Company secretarial services for fast-growth businesses

Company admin, probably not your idea of fun. But it’s crucial to the governance and wellbeing of every business and - fortunately for you - we love it! 

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Stephenson Law advised PublicBenefit in its successful campaign to remove five directors from the board of Nominet and begin the process of restoring the membership’s faith in an organisation that was established with public benefit at its core.

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