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The total amount of fines issued by the Financial Conduct Authority between January and July 2021 was £91,097,200… But a breach of the regulatory perimeter, knowingly or unknowingly, can also lead to criminal prosecution (yikes!)

It’s important to know whether you or your business are carrying on regulated activities; we’re here to provide clarity and help by offering a free initial consultation.

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We help individuals and businesses offering financial services understand whether they need to be authorised and regulated and guide you through the process if required. We also help regulated firms:


> Stay on top of their ongoing regulatory compliance
> Launch or make changes to regulated products/services
> Introduce good governance arrangements
> Put in place policies, procedures and legal agreements covering their regulated services.
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Hi – I’m Gareth!

I’m Gareth, Head of FinReg at Stephenson Law.

I’ve provided advice on MiFID, PSD2, UCITS, AIFMD and MLD to countless individuals and businesses including banks, asset managers, investment platforms, payment service providers and other FCA regulated businesses

I’m at the epicentre of developments in the FinReg space, and passionate about realising the ambitions of my clients.

I’d be delighted to have a chat about your business in our free consultation call. Simply book in a meeting and I’ll speak to you soon!