Why we launched a trade mark portfolio subscription

March 11, 2021

Trade marks. The intangible asset of a business that can define a company’s strength in the eyes of their customers and solicit investors to buy into a brand. Take Facebook, whose goodwill and intangible assets were valued at $19.673 billion 2020 – a figure not to be sniffed at.  

Let’s talk trade marks…

If you are a company that uses a trade mark, be it a brand name, logo, strapline, or one of the less conventional marks such as a shapes, smells or sounds (yes, they can be protected too!), you have likely been through, or looked into, trade mark protection at some point.  

You may therefore know that it isn’t always quick and easy and rarely goes completely to plan! Using the approach of many traditional IP firms, managing trade marks can quickly become costly and unpredictable.  

Equally however, ineffective management can create a whole load of headaches – hijackers claiming your brands, missed revenue streams and in some cases, costly legal battles.  

For example, some of the biggest brands in the world have had to pay thousands of pounds to shore up protection in China after hijackers registered their brands, McDonalds failed to keep its EU trade mark for ‘BIG MAC’ due to poor management of cancellation proceedings, and so many companies have paid thousands of pounds developing a logo they then can’t use!  

We don’t want you to be one of those companies!

We get that for smaller businesses, trade marks are one item on a long list of ‘to-dos’ and that certainty on cost and fewer distractions ensure they can maintain momentum and foster growth.  

Equally, we understand that for bigger companies, the mammoth task of managing trade marks can be a hassle, requiring constant and often urgent attention. Keeping on top of applications, deadlines and invoices, all whilst educating internal teams, preventing trade mark misuse and ensuring new brands, product lines and countries are cleared for use and protection, can be a mammoth task.

From searching to filing, watching to renewing, deadline management to financial management, if only there was a way that businesses could outsource the management of their trade mark portfolios for a fixed fee so that they could focus on the rest of their business...  

Oh wait - there is! Introducing our annual trade mark portfolio subscription

We empathise with the problems faced by clients and that’s why we decided to create a subscription to address them.

We are big believers in certainty, efficiency and transparency when it comes to legal work, and businesses are calling out for a service that will bring these values into the world of intellectual property. That’s why we were so happy when Chartered Trade Mark and Design Attorney Laura West joined our team, and was ready to disrupt the trade mark space and create a service with brand owners in mind.  

Prioritising transparency, simplicity, and effectiveness, our annual trade mark subscription allows our team to take away the hassle of routine trade mark management for a fixed fee, based upon the size and profile of the portfolio.

Stephenson Law is a firm that embraces technology to help bring transparency between clients and lawyers. This is why we allow our clients to access their IP portfolio at any time though a handy hub, with direct access to reports, updates and statuses of trade marks.”  

You’ll also be spared email traffic and have easy access to our team via the “ask your attorney” contact tool.  

We don’t just help businesses with their trade mark portfolio and then leave them high and dry when it comes to other legal support! The great thing about our annual trade mark portfolio subscription is that once a client, you can access discounted fixed fee tariffs or a discounted hourly rate for the rest of our team. What’s important to us is that businesses are continuously supported and looked after” Alice Stephenson, CEO and founder of SL.

Does this sound like something your business could benefit from? You can find out more about our subscription here.

From startups registering their first trade mark, to companies with large portfolios, we’re the intellectual property experts who get the job done. Find out about our intellectual property offering here.

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