A Spot In The Milky Way to Celebrate our Fourth Birthday

July 1, 2021

Bring out the cake and light the candles, because today is SLHQ’s birthday!

Today we turn four years old, and what an incredible four years it’s been.

Let down by the constraints of the legal industry, our founder Alice set about building a business that defied the status quo, empowered lawyers, and hauled the legal industry into the 21st century.

Four years on, SLHQ is a team of 26 flockers, bustling with energy, creativity, and love for what we do.

In those four years, we’ve packed in… a lot.

We’ve grown from seed, to startup, and now to scaleup; we’ve ditched the suits and donned the hoodies, we’ve won awards for our approach, and grants for our vision, we’ve founded tech platforms, we’ve partnered with clients big and small, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed these last four years with the people who have joined us for the ride.

That’s why, on our fourth birthday, we want to thank those who have been with us on our journey so far.

To our team, present and past: thank you for your hard work, your passion, and your belief in our ability to make this thing take flight.

To our advisors, our trusted experts, and our legal partners, thank you for helping us navigate once we reached the sky.

And to our clients: without whom these four years would have been impossible, thank you. By working with us, you’ve helped us prove that law can be approached differently, and your trust in us has allowed us to go further than we ever would have imagined.

To celebrate, we’ve claimed our own spot in the sky, and have named a star after the clients who’ve helped us get there.

It’s a small token, but one that we hope reminds you of the impact you make when you support a business looking to make a difference. With your help, we’ve been able to do just that.

Before we raise a virtual glass to our birthday, we leave you with a small message from our CEO, and founder, Alice Stephenson:

“Four years ago, getting to where we are today was beyond my wildest dreams. But we’re here! Stephenson Law is all about doing things differently, embracing innovation, and paving the way for the next generation of lawyers to express who they really are. It began four years ago because I needed a place to call home, and it’s a privilege now to share that home with so many others who believe in our vision. Thank you for four years, and here’s to the next!”

From all of us at SLHQ, thank you, and let’s get the telescopes out!

If you would like to view our star in the sky, you can visit it here.

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