Stephenson Law Partners with Capdesk

October 9, 2019

Stephenson Law, an alternative law firm based in Bristol, has announced an industry-first partnership with Capdesk, a leading online equity management platform.

The partnership will enable Stephenson Law to provide clients with advantageous rates to access the Capdesk platform, while also integrating the management of clients’ share capital with the firm’s wider corporate support offering.

The Capdesk desk platform provides a comprehensive solution, which includes:

- Full cap table management and reporting, including support for multiple share classes, liquidation preferences and other advanced features
- Automatically generated share certificates
- Ability to track the issue and transfer of shares as well as convertible loans and the grant of options and warrants
- Round modelling and waterfall analysis
- Maintenance of statutory registers in accordance with the Companies Act 2006
- Companies House filings

Ed Boal, Head of Scaleups at Stephenson Law, commented:

“As an adviser to numerous fast-growth companies, we regularly see issues arising – often at the worst possible time – as a result of companies relying on spreadsheets to manage their share capital. This can lead to increased costs in terms of rectifying mistakes that could easily have been avoided, not to mention embarrassing discussions with prospective investors.

Having worked with a number of solutions in the marketplace, we were impressed with the capability and user-friendliness of Capdesk and are delighted that we can support our clients through this platform.”

Christian Gabriel, CEO at Capdesk, added:

“Capdesk was born out of a need to help businesses manage their equity and employee share plans in a time and cost-effective way. By partnering with Stephenson Law, we aim to provide end-to-end equity management services to businesses – including the advisory services and the tech behind it.”

If you are interested in how Capdesk could benefit your company, please contact us for further information.

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