Stephenson Law and Springbird IP: The Story Behind the Intellectual Property Powerhouse

March 14, 2023

Founded in 2017, we’ve always been on a mission to disrupt legal services for the better. For our people, that looks like flexibility and empowerment. For our clients, that’s expert legal support, delivered in innovative packages. And for our business itself, it means being unafraid to charter new waters.  

When chartered trade mark attorney, Laura West, joined us back in 2021, she shared our appetite for overhauling the legal industry. She had witnessed the inefficiencies of the intellectual property world, the pain points of her clients, and the failures of the industry to truly deliver expertise in a way that was progressive.  

Having witnessed Stephenson Law’s successes with its subscription model, Laura was determined to take her own flavour to the intellectual property world, by fixing costs, reducing admin, and bundling services for the benefit of clients. And so, in 2023, Springbird IP was born.

What is Springbird IP?

Springbird IP was born out of a belief that intellectual property protection needed to match the vigour of today’s brands. Founded by Laura West, with support from Stephenson Law, the business dives deep into IP matters, from intellectual property strategy to civil recovery, to IP enforcement. But perhaps the most exciting thing about the brand is its intellectual property subscription, which delivers end-to-end trade mark and design portfolio support. Boasting big-name clients, such as Gymshark, Butternut Box, Huel, and Fever-tree, the business is trusted to protect some of the most valuable intellectual property portfolios in the world.

Why did Springbird IP launch?

Intellectual property protection is phenomenally important. And yet, it can be a protracted, expensive, and complicated process. While the industry is replete with legal talent, it’s also burdened by clock-watching, unpredictable fees, and mountains of admin. The Springbird IP team fundamentally knew that services could be better - and decided to be the ones to deliver it.  

What’s the difference between Stephenson Law and Springbird IP?

Prior to launching Springbird IP, the legal talent of the business was housed within the walls of Stephenson Law. Led by Laura West, the team equipped Stephenson Law clients with expert intellectual property protection that propelled them forward. But, does that now mean Stephenson Law clients are legally vulnerable on the IP front?

Absolutely not.  

Springbird IP’s offering is so closely focused on intellectual property, that it best serves household brands with vast and bespoke IP needs. Rather than day-to-day intellectual property advice, Springbird IP is designed for brands with vast IP that needs all-year-round protection.  

Stephenson Law on the other hand, as part of its Flamingo Subscription, protects and propels clients with a well-rounded approach, that considers commercial strategy, corporate needs, data protection risks, technology opportunities, and intellectual property guidance.  

For many, the Flamingo Subscription provides everything needed to conquer the legal frontier with confidence. But for those with sprawling intellectual property needs, the Springbird IP subscription is ready and available. Better yet, the service is delivered by people who share the Stephenson Law ethos, in addition to its systems, and methods of working.

What does Springbird IP do?

So, let’s dive into the nitty gritty: what exactly does Springbird IP do?

Legal subscription

Perhaps most unique to the business, is its pioneering legal subscription, titled “Infinitely Springbird”. With three transparently priced tiers, the business provides end-to-end trade mark and design portfolio support. As a result of its design, this subscription allows clients to budget with clarity, protect IP with confidence, and put an end to the processing of hundreds of IP-focused invoices.

IP audits, due diligence, strategy

What IP do you actually hold? And what are the options available to you towards protecting it? The Springbird IP team provides thorough IP audits, due diligence, and forward-thinking strategy to ensure clients can truly strengthen and maximise their brand.

Civil recovery

Counterfeiters are an unfortunate fact when it comes to valuable IP - but that doesn’t mean you should roll over and take it. Springbird IP watches your back, monitors the damage, and works tirelessly to recoup financial losses on your behalf. In doing so, you can build your brand with the knowledge it’s shielded at every turn.

Enforce IP rights

Securing your intellectual property rights is all fine and well, but the important part is enforcing them. And yet, you have enough on your plate. Springbird IP takes on the charge and ensures your IP rights are leveraged to the fullest.

DIY protection

We’re not the only ones passionate about IP protection, and Springbird IP realises the same. That’s why they provide DIY support to brand protection literate teams that just need a little extra backing.  

Overseas attorneys

For overseas attorneys with client operations in the UK, it’s important they have a partner to monitor, protect, and support their client’s trade mark and design needs in the UK. Enter: Springbird IP.

What’s covered in Stephenson Law’s Flamingo subscription?

We’ve gone over the detail of Springbird IP’s offering - so what does Stephenson Law offer? Our Flamingo Subscription was built to equip clients with bolt-on legal support that could take on the dull, the drab, and the mundane, to allow teams to focus on what they do best.  

This has resulted in a full suite of legal expertise that’ transparently priced, exceptionally delivered, and trusted by countless fast-growth businesses. For many of those businesses, intellectual property protection is paramount, which is why our Flamingo Subscription delivers day-to-day support, from intellectual property strategy, to core IP agreements. At a snapshot, some of the areas we can support you with include:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Intellectual property audits
  • Brand protection and trade mark strategy
  • IP licenses
  • IP assignments

How to get in touch

We’re on a mission to revolutionise legal services, for the better. To explore more about how Stephenson Law can support your business, take a look at our Flamingo Subscription.  

If you’re a business grappling with an intellectual property portfolio that has grown unwieldy, dive into Springbird IP. They might just be the team you’re looking for.

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