Stephenson Law Adopts a Flock of Flamingos for Christmas

December 16, 2021

And that’s a wrap… almost!

As we count down the days to opening presents and guzzling mulled wine we can’t help but reflect on the year we’ve had at Stephenson Law. It’s been a big one. From supporting our clients in stratospheric feats, to embarking on brave new adventures, we’re honoured to say it’s been one of our best years yet.

It’s easy to think that, for a law firm, the final thoughts of the year would be about finances and figures: but not so. Our passion for showing the human side of law has made us reflect on the incredible people who have joined us for the ride in 2021. Not only did our flock grow by twenty one heads this year, but we also enjoyed making new friends within the industry, from business partners, to clients, to legal teams. It’s reminded us that when going the distance, it’s the people around you who really make it all worthwhile.

That’s why this year we’ve decided to give back in a way that honours the special flock we’ve built.

As a fully remote firm of human lawyers we’re lucky in one thing: home is where we make it. However, the same can’t be said for the mascot of our business: the flamingo. Around the world, flamingos are in decline as a consequence of their wetland homes coming under increasing threat. It made us think. How can we protect the flock that has come to mean so much to us at Stephenson Law?

This Christmas we’re sponsoring a flamingo in honour of the clients and partners who’ve joined us this far in our journey. You’ve made our flock feel whole and in turn, we would like to dedicate our thanks by protecting the very flock that Stephenson Law takes its inspiration from. As the saying goes,

“Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”

We’re honoured you decided to join us in our mission to bring a little colour to the legal industry and can’t wait to greet 2022 with both feet on the ground - unlike our feathery friends.

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