Meet the Flockers: Olivia Atkinson

September 21, 2021

Meet the Flockers: Olivia Atkinson

21 September 2021

Our Meet The Flockers series gives us a chance to show the humans behind Stephenson Law. We open up, dig deep, and share what makes us who we are.

From bucket lists, to favourite biscuits, this series is a window into the mind of our flock!

Introducing Olivia Atkinson, talented paralegal, dog fanatic, and English literature whizz. Take it away Olivia…

What originally got you interested in your current field of work?

My love of words! Studying English language and literature before I took my conversion to law made me realise I have a passion for reading and analysing language in a critical way. Reviewing contracts, cases and more is made far easier (and more enjoyable, I think) when you have a better grasp of the words, what they mean, and what, crucially, they could mean in different contexts.

What's the best career advice you've ever been given?

Make decisions based on what's right for you and be a little selfish. Actually, be a lot selfish - It's your career and your life, and you have to work it and live it!

If you only had one sense (hearing, touch, sight, etc) which would you want?

Sight - the world is beautiful, and I would hate not to be able to see it! Plus, I'm partially deaf in one ear, and I do just fine, so I reckon I could survive without hearing! (This is totally hypothetical right?!)

What's on your bucket list?

To visit Australia and get a dog (or three...) Definitely the former first! My love for dogs has been a lifelong obsession. Every Christmas morning I would run to the tree hoping to see a little box shuffling around and maybe hear a little 'woof' too. Alas, 24 years later, there are still no canines in my life, but a huge accumulation of soft toys which, unsurprisingly, no longer compensate.

Office chair wheels for feet or chopsticks for fingers? Why?

Now would this be a "roller blade" feet situation, or am I imagining having the bottom half of an office chair instead of legs? If it's roller blades, then office chair wheels for feet ALL DAY LONG! The chance to never walk/run again would be fantastic, and I could get to places much faster. I'm always late for everything, so this would save me so much time! If it's the latter, well, I don't know how I'd ever move again without being pushed...(or pulled by my 3 future dogs?

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