Meet the Flockers: Aemilia Smith

January 14, 2022

Meet the Flockers: Aemilia Smith

14 January 2021

Our Meet The Flockers series gives us a chance to show the humans behind Stephenson Law. We stop, take a moment, and spend some time on the sillier side of life.

From favourite foods to secret talents,  this series sheds a light on what makes our flock tick.

Introducing Aemilia Smith, theatre graduate, secret nerd, and our talented Social Media Manager. Take it away Aemilia…

What was the last TV show you binge-watched?

The last TV show I binged watched was the Vikings- I’m a serious series watcher, I have about 3 series on the go and I always split them into categories: Lighthearted, at the moment its New Girl, Serious, which we’ve just finished Vikings and then trending, so it was Squid Game or Arcane and mainly watch it because its new out.

How would your 10 year old self react to what you do now?

Little 10-year-old-me wanted to be a famous actress collecting golden globes and Oscars working with Johnny Depp and Leonardo, but I think she would still love social media – It’s fun, creative, and you can still inspire others just through people’s phone screens rather than the big film screens.

Would you rather go to the beach or go camping?

100% rather go to the beach! I have never been camping, I love hiking and exploring but the minute it goes dark it reminds me of all those horror films set in the woods and I freak myself out haha!

Would you rather have a cat with a human face, or a dog with human hands?

I think I would prefer to have a cat with a human face… I mean- Have you seen Cats the movie? Haha! I’m looking at my puppy now and thinking about how weird it would be to see 5 fingers where their paws would be!

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