Let’s Get Virtual: Lawyers Turn into NFTs as They Dive into Web 3.0

August 18, 2022

From the internet’s first workable prototype in the 1960s - a crude and bulky solution - to the lightning-quick advancements of the modern age, tech has moved at speed. The abacus has evolved into a supercomputer, and with it, society has advanced immeasurably.  

Data circles the globe in seconds, wars are won in cyber-space, and lives extend beyond the physical realm. As access to the internet has increasingly democratised, international innovators have taken the stand. Medical experts have leveraged VR to improve the quality of care for their patients, AI has paved new routes for intelligent decision-making, and Web 3.0 has begun to put the power back into the hands of creators.  

That’s why today we’re announcing our formal descent into Web 3.0.  

What do we mean by this?  

That we’re experts in the law that relates to Web 3.0? Check.  

That we’re the chosen partner for countless Web 3.0 projects? Check.

That we’re turning our entire team into NFTs, uploading them to the Web 3.0 space, and launching a virtual law firm in the metaverse? Oh yeah. Double check.

Why We’re Diving into Web 3.0

Change walks hand in with critique, and Web 3.0 has been no different. Despite heralding a new era whereby users own their data, their rewards, and their connections, just like its predecessors, Web 3.0 has had to face an uphill battle.

The transition from Web 1.0, to Web 2.0, to Web 3.0

Whether it’s regulatory hurdles or fear of the unknown, this game-changing technology has needed advocates to take a stand, and truly showcase that Web 3.0 is not just here to stay: it’s the future of digital technology.  

And so, as a firm passionate about technology, change, and crucially - using the law to protect powerful innovations, we’re formally announcing our embrace of Web 3.0. In fact, we’re going a lot further than that. We’re diving headfirst into the world of Web 3.0, beginning firstly by plunging our entire team into the digital landscape…  

Step One: Turn the Team Into NFTs

NFTs burst onto the mainstream scene in 2021, as the world embraced their capacity to give art, music, collectables and games - a new lease of life. So much so, that in November of 2021, we were the first UK law firm in history to provide legal advice in the form of NFTs.

But, as the world of Web 3.0 continues to evolve, it’s become clear we need to go further.  

Our clients live, work, and play in the world of Web 3.0 - so why shouldn’t we?

That’s why as of today, we have digitised the entirety of our flock as a series of NFTs.

A snapshot of the NFT series
A snapshot of our NFT series. Click the image to view the full collection!

Not only that, but these NFTs will be an important part of our next move in the Web 3.0 world…

Step Two: Launch a Virtual Law Firm

The metaverse made headlines in 2021 when social media giant Facebook (now Meta), formally announced its intentions to build its very own metaverse. The potential of the metaverse is boundless, with opportunities to build entire lives, careers, and cities in the digital realm…

… including, virtual law firms.  

That’s why the next stage in our future plans involves the launch of our law firm into the metaverse. Here, clients will be able to meet with our Web 3.0 experts to discuss a range of matters, from launching tokens, to regulating digital worlds.  

Sick of your solicitor’s stuffy office? Us too. We’ll see you in the metaverse instead.

Step Three: Protect and Empower Web 3.0 Creators

Technological advances of the Web 3.0 era have been plagued by sceptics. Many deny the use case of NFTs, media pundits assert cryptocurrency is a fad, and cynics consider the metaverse to be little more than a gimmick.  

As a law firm that has been part of countless Web 3.0 projects, we’ve witnessed first-hand the reality of the situation. Web 3.0 has democratised monetary access to developing countries. It has empowered entrepreneurs to dramatically advance climate crisis strategies. It has connected global users to communities designed to reward creators rather than global monopolies. In a nutshell, Web 3.0 has gone to great lengths to create a better world.  

That’s why at Stephenson Law we’ve turned our team into NFTs. It’s why we’re going to launch a law firm in the metaverse. And it’s why we’re making our formal descent into the world of Web 3.0.

Because we believe that Web 3.0 is the future, and we’re determined to be the legal team that empowers, protects, and platforms the Web 3.0 creators of the world.

We’re legal experts in blockchain related technologies, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. Are you making your mark on web 3.0? Discover how our blockchain offering can help you go further.

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