Stephenson Law Bares All for Be Kind to Lawyers Day

December 4, 2022

It’s fair to say that lawyers are not always the most popular bunch. Marred by a legacy of stuffy suits and legal horror stories, lawyers are often the butt of the joke, or worse, the first port of call for a spot of verbal abuse.  

And yet, countless lawyers are driven by a sincere desire to do right by their clients and many work tirelessly to get the job done. It’s something our support teams have seen first-hand, witnessing the lengths our talented lawyers will go to to make sure our clients end the day on a high. That’s why for this year’s “Be Kind to Lawyers Day”, our support teams had a lot to say about their colleagues.  

Our marketing team has had the benefit of working with one of the most creative legal teams out there. Our operations teams have been tasked with exciting legal projects, by lawyers intent on disrupting their field. And our finance teams have worked closely with solicitors who have worked hard to keep Stephenson Law going from strength to strength.

That’s why for this year’s “Be Kind to Lawyers” day our support teams took the time to say how they really feel about the lawyers who make Stephenson Law.  

Subscription Team

Led by Head of Scaleups Ben King, the Flamingo Subscription is at the heart of everything we do. Our subscription lawyers slot seamlessly into countless client teams, working hard to make the day-to-day clear of legal risk. But for us at Stephenson Law, the Subscription team are much, much more than a lean-mean legal machine. Our subscription lawyers are masters of the witty comeback, reigning royalty over GIFs, and dear, dear friends.

Here’s what we had to say,

“The lean mean legal team! Not only do subs work some serious magic, but they’re also a bunch of down to earth legends. Big love for subs.”

“These guys are such a lovely bunch of people. Every time we’re on a Zoom call with them they’re so smiley and friendly… Yes, even Ben!”

“They are such a well-oiled machine keeping our clients’ going – it’s super impressive how many plates they keep spinning.”

What can we say? Looks like we love ya!

Corporate Team

The corporate team are a collective of Stephenson Law legends, defined by their incredibly high standard of service, their awe-inspiring legal feats, and their incredible ability to keep a cool head. Led by Director and Head of Corporate Ed Boal, the corporate team is one of our crown jewels.

Here’s what we had to say,

A non-corporatey corporate team – a rare find!”

“These are people you just want to hang out with. Every single one of them works so hard – inspiration!”

“The feats of the corporate team are mind-boggling and what they’ve achieved in my time here has well and truly left me in awe. Add to that the fact that they appear unflappable, and it’s clear we have a collection of legal heroes in our midst.”

The Finreg, Fintech, and Blockchain Teams

The Finreg, Fintech, and Blockchain teams are the new kids on the block for Stephenson Law, and boy, have they arrived with a bang. Treating us to a bounty of creative content, the team have not only made their clients happy, but they’ve made us happy. We’ve enjoyed a viral webinar series, courtesy of Head of Blockchain Will Foulkes, an unmatched fintech report courtesy of Head of Fintech Anna Przewoznik, and a bewildering love for regulatory matters that only Head of Finreg Gareth Malna could muster.

Here’s what we had to say about this team,

“Where do I start? Stellar webinars, cracking reports, and A-Grade jargon-busting blogs, the WAG team are a veritable dream. I’ve also heard they’re pretty ace at the legal side of things too.”

“I mean… they’re mad but in the very best way!”

“The expertise in this team is mind-blowing.”

The Intellectual Property Team

Our intellectual property team are well known, and well-loved, amongst our clients. Working tirelessly to protect the creative assets of countless brands, our IP team have become known for their meticulous nature, their determined approach, and their mind-boggling expertise. For the Stephenson Law support teams, we’re just as in awe of the talented lawyers that make up this team, led by Head of Intellectual Property Laura West.

Here’s what we had to say,

“The IP team is flying and I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months have to offer.”

“Who run the world? These girls. They are so on it.”

“Man. I love the IP team. Not only is it brimming with golden eggs, but it’s also a team driven by a high standard of service and a sincere love for what they do. IP legends!”

The Employment Team

Our employment team is another new kid to the block and what an arrival they’ve been! Supporting employers and employees alike, this talented crew led by Head of Employment Ellie Gilbert, have balanced exceptional legal support with the empathy needed of such sensitive matters.

Here’s what we had to say,

So so so lovely! Good lord! The employment team are always such a pleasure to work with and it’s no surprise they’re the trusted advisers to countless folks facing complex legal matters.”

“You know sometimes there are people you just want to hug? This is what I feel about the employment team but I need to remind myself that people might not be comfortable with me randomly hugging them…”

“If I ever needed an employment team in my corner, I’d want it to be this team.”

The Tech & Data Protection Team

Oozing with brains and oodles of jargon-busting quips, this team is led by Head of Tech and Data Protection Alison Berryman and is one of our pride and joys. Not only are they trusted legal partners of countless clients struggling to navigate the often murky world of tech and data protection, but they’re also phenomenal colleagues who work hard to keep the Stephenson Law mission going.

Here’s what we had to say,

Fountains of knowledge! I would love to be a fly on the wall at some of their meetings.”

“The only team capable of making DP interesting!”

“Oozing with expertise, advice, and legal content, the tech and data protection are the absolute bizz. A pleasure to work with, and they’ve even gone so far as to jargon-bust one of the more term intensive fields. Am I a GDPR expert now? Maybe??”

We Love You: Isn’t it Obvi?

So. If it wasn’t clear already to our talented lawyers, your colleagues are kind of big fans. We understand this is an unusual way to announce our love, but some things just can’t be helped.  

Are you seeking a legal team that receives love letters on the regular? Then look no further. Contact us to see how we can help you.  

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