Docue and Stephenson Law Partner to Empower UK SMEs

September 14, 2022

Law should be accessible to every man, woman, and business. It’s a belief that inspired us to design a Legal Chatbot, it’s an ethos that won us ‘Disruptive Technology of the Year Award’ for our Toolkits, and it's a quest that has led us to partner with game-changers of the legal industry.  

Docue's launch in the UK is coming soon...

One such game-changer is Docue, an all-in-one legal solution first founded in Finland in 2015. Docue provides automated lawyer-grade contracts and legal document templates for businesses, and its intelligently designed platform equips businesses with support that’s affordable, accessible, and reliable.

With the Docue platform, a business can create, e-sign, manage and store contracts and legal documents in just a few clicks. This allows for quick customisation of template contracts and legal documents, bolstered by access to in-app instant chat support from Docue lawyers. When Docue made the decision to launch in the UK, they needed to find a legal partner that shared their belief in affordable legal support for all.  

Our belief: we go further together

We live and breathe UK law, it’s true. Call us nerds, call us fanatics, we bloody love what we do, and we’re determined that UK businesses enjoy the protections and fuel that UK law can provide. Together with Docue, our team has crafted an extensive suite of over 80 template contracts and legal documents, across corporate, finance, commercial, employment, data protection, and intellectual property sectors. Templates range from employment contracts to whistleblowing policies, to non-disclosure agreements. Not only that, but we’ve supported Docue in supplying jargon-busting legal content that answers the what, how, and why of the legal needs of businesses.

These agreements are hand-crafted by expert UK lawyers, with a user interface that puts an end to the head-scratching and ex haustive admin of the legal nitty gritty.  

Who are Docue?

Docue’s belief in democratised legal support goes deeper than cost-effective agreements. The business was founded with a mission to not only save businesses on cost, but also on time. That’s why the Docue platform is designed to make drafting, managing, storing and signing contracts and legal documents a breeze. Not only that, but Docue provides its users with up-to-date content that drives their business forward.

Beginning its mission to democratise legal services in Finland, Docue has since gone on to help more than 30,000 companies - and in October 2022- that mission will formally launch in the UK. Now, UK businesses can enjoy a suite of automated and affordable lawyer-made documents, agreements, and contracts bespoke to UK law - made in partnership with Stephenson Law.  

What does this mean for legal services?

Let’s put it bluntly: quality legal services come with a price tag. However, that often means that tomorrow’s innovators are left without many of the legal protections they need to safely make an impact in their industry. Until now.  

Docue’s suite of templates saves SMEs on time, money, and stress, by equipping them with affordable lawyer-made documentation they can rely on. With over 80 templates to choose from (and with the figure set to reach 100+), businesses can move forward with legal foundations they can trust. In a nutshell: Docue and Stephenson Law’s partnership opens the floodgates for UK businesses to grow, to build, and comply with ease.  

Find out how Docue can help you here.

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